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I've got better things to do than survive

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Ass Up
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Digital Getdown
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Graphics Contest

This is for donatello, mocking_finches, and sp0ngey, As well as anyone else that wants to enter!


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For all those RENT fans out there
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Dedicated after the fact to thepumpkin and raging_gargoyle as a birthday treat! I hope the two of you are weird enough to enjoy that! Also, to both of you (since you are most definitely favorites on my friend's list) $10 credit at The Closet, should you ever become interested in anything there. That includes custom orders and is useful indefinitely! Also... I think... infintitecolors you just had a birthday too, right? If so that goes for you as well.

Batman Forever
Christian Bale is going to be Batman, and Sonya and I are very excited about it. Christian BALE, dude. "Hoity Toity". Holy Shit. I'm just so excited I could cry. Batman Begins. I love it.

I want to know how to remove my chin-sack. My gobbler. It's sooo lame. I have a pretty decent jaw-line under there. This is bullshit. Seriously. Bob & Tom are really out of control. I don't think I could listen to this shit every morning. Man... that would be the greatest job, though!! You could just go to work and and hang out with your co-workers... ramble on about the dumbest shit in the world, bring up a few things on a list, play some music. Amazing.


I REALLY need to get my shit together and go to the post office.

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Today has been a very shitty day, and also semi-decent in a few ways.

I woke up around 10:00, which was nice.
Got up, tried to work on some hemp stuff... got bored and decided to just go on and run my errands.
I was all ready to go of course, simply waiting on my brother to bring my car home on his lunch break.
Waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
Finally it was five minutes till his next class and still no car. I started to get pissed.
Then we get a phone call.
That little bitch was screwing around and hopped my fucking PERFECT cherry red 240sx on to a line of BOULDERS! @#$%^&! No body damage but he totally FUCKED half the shit directly under the poor car. It's going to be between four and eight hundred to fix.
Ugh, I hate him.
I did give everyone the middle finger though and took my parents volvo out to get some groceries. We visited Jeff in the produce section (I needed tomatoes you see). He hugged me, it helped a little.
We went home, I took a shower... Adena cooed and did her screechy thing.
I got a package from jadewaterflame and that was FUCKING rad, man. Thanks to her, I am listening to a kickass cd and also had the pleasure of smoking a PHAT pina~colada flavored blunt with Jeffrey after he was done with work. Hell yeah! We drove up to Memorial Cemetery and Sonya and Adena hung out in the car while Jeff and I wandered around with our smoke. We found a little bench in a mini-garden where we sat and smoked, ooohing and ahhing over brilliant rays of sunlight piercing through the clouds and bathing portions of the hills in pale yellow. It was a nice moment. And it totally tasted like pina coladas.
Jeff appreciates things like rays of sun and I like that.
The last part of the day was not quite as nice and really more like something I would rather enjoy forgetting. Always nice to hear that your emotions are offensive and impossible to be around. One day, I will be able to surround myself with people that actually like me.
Maybe not. Maybe I am just a sad, pathetic person and I should be shot or something.
I don't know. I'm so confused at this point that I don't know what I am, where I should be, or who I am supposed to be. It certainly isn't who I am. That would be too easy, right?
Sometimes I wish I didn't care at all about what anyone else thought.

you wanna know what I love? I love it when people harvest and give me all kinds of crazy shake. Jeff left his rolling machine with me, so I just sifted through and took out any really good stuff and proceeded to roll over 30 joints. Fucking rad. Back when I smoked cigarettes I always thought it would feel really cool to smoke at my computer. Now I can. Sooooo fun.

I am waiting for The Dan Band to be on BRAVO. I am retardedly excited about it. Right now they're re-playing the Eagles show they had on NBC earlier in the week and that's almost as exciting. I like The Eagles.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I'm pretty. Then I wonder to myself whether that is healthy or vain. Mostly, I just really like my hair. It's very well behaved (unless I'm having crazy sex, in which case it behaves rather badly) and has always responded well to bleaches, dyes, and all the rest of the hell I have put it through. I can wear it curly or straight, both with very little effort. And the cut? I love it. I've never liked a haircut so much before. It's grown about three inches and it looks better everyday. The ends are starting to show a little damage but I'm scared to let anyone touch it. Anyone but Lilly, anyhow, but she's up in Portland. Lilly is this girl I went to school with, a little younger than me. She dropped out of high school to go to cosmetology school, worked her ass off, and now is the best hairstylist I've ever met. If I were ever to become famous, I would hire her to be my VERY well paid personal stylist.

Hell yeah.

These are some pictures I took over the last couple days, none of which are more than 7 miles from my house.

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"Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would."

Today was a strange day. I was being very evasive and it was fun. I kind of want to rant and rave about it but really I wouldn't know what to say.

I hate mosquitos.
Tonight, I have convinced myself that I have West Nile virus and I am going to die.

Everything itches. My skin, my eyes, my nose, my lungs, fucking everything I just want to cry.

All mosquitos should DIE!


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